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Patience is of virtue when learning HTML 5/CSS

I ended yesterday way too frustrated with this HTML class and I’m not even sure what I did.

<<<<<<<Today would be different.>>>>>>>>>
I plan to journal what I’m doing—-kinda like leaving bread crumbs going into the deep forest!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.57.49 PM

Thanks Riversofgrue.com for the graphic!


9am Started again. Added new code (from janene’s email). Note: she told me to breathe!


Breathing in, breathing out. Hit Control and pulled down to VIEW and it never viewed correctly. But I thought I was always viewing my local file. How in the world do you see what the remote file is doing? More W3 schools work, trials, etc. Watched a couple FileZilla tutorials. Didn’t help. (at this point I had no idea that my page was live! Yikes. I thought I was looking for it in some dark basement’s server at UAF.)


10am: went back and read Janene’s original email and saw a screen shot with her intro INDEX on screen under canyonartsschool.com. Went back and tried that. It worked! I found it. But all I had showing was the INDEX file with all of the index files listed under it and I could get to where I wanted to see with a file extension: /Janenes_index. But who wants to open a screen to see my table of contents per say? So….I deleted everything in my remote file (server) except for janenes_index and Bioshelter.jpg. Now I’m getting a 404 page not found sign. Several different kinds of tries: nothing.

11am Now what?

Another tutorial? https://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Using#Navigating_on_the_serve

I made a new folder /public/html/ and added Janenes_index, my Sample index, the Bioshelter pic.

Here’s what I got:image003

My sample index has an html ending. Janene’s never did. That is maybe an error, because I can click on Sample Index and get the page I wrote with ONE of the logos. The link still doesn’t work.

So if the public/html folder is opening…how can I get Janene’s index to be that folder?

I moved Janene’s file into the blank / folder and left the other two in the public folder I created.

Didn’t work. I just got the same thing without Janenes index. So….I’m stuck. Moved it back.

Continuing on. I clicked on Site Manager. I wonder if this is happeneing because I changed my site folder name to AlaskanBioshelter??? Could be, I suppose. Now what?

Following along on the tutorial, I added a default remote directory.


That didn’t work. ARG!

Took a break —read facebook and listened to The Goat Rodeo Sessions! 🙂


12:45pm:  Poured another cuppa tea and started again

Went to my cindeekarns.com site, viewed the page source, copied it, moved it to Text Wrangeler, saved it to the server and was able to connect inside text wrangeler through FILE, SAVE TO SERVER. I put it in the public folder and of course when I clicked on it, it was there in its entirety.

I added a file called Sample2_index.html. I put a link in it to link to Sample_Index.html. II highlighted the words FAIRBANKS, ALASKA and then used SeaMonkey to tell the link where to go.

It’s pretty cool: The first time I had too many slashes in it. The second time, it didn’t link to anything. You can see that I had too much information in the http: bar. I didn’t notice it the first time.

I went back inside the code in Sea Monkey. Yes, I’m still using Sea Monkey. I am using that browser and then it so easy to just click command E and it goes straight to editing mode. I like that. I also can then make it look nice and then look back at the code to make sure it works.  image008


For learning’s sake, I went into the code this time to see what the matter was:


I changed it (took out the a codes in the middle) and tried it again.

This is what I got: another Page not found!   Arg.image011


BUT THEN, I looked at where it was searching. Check it out!


There’s too many canyonartsschool.coms. I will go and get rid of the second one. (Learning by trial and error is not my favorite thing, but it’s effective!


The Link didn’t work. I’m headed over to fix that now. Same way, I hope!

To no avail. I tried taking out the underscore. Didn’t work.

I noticed that all the other pages have .html at the end. Janene’s didn’t, but I’m really sure she never had it – ever.


Maybe she did.

Maybe it just said index.html and when I changed the name, maybe I screwed it up. (That’s what happens when I get sick of this, I guess.)


1:40pm Okay, trying again.  Breathing deeply and channeling my inner Janene! 🙂

I went back and made it all work. NOT by clicking on “Do you want to upload your edited document back to the server?” I copied my source code into Text Wrangeller and overwrote the files on the server. When I did it that way, it worked. I was finally done with the linking assignment. And THEN…….

I decided to add a START HERE to the opening page and then…..then????   It all went back to the old version. Is that why there’s a WORD PRESS that saves your last copy? OMG that is SO MADDENING!

So, I linked all the links again. I think I may have saved the same page under two names, but I’m too sick of this to find out my error. I DID make a primitive back button on the last page. So—–


For tomorrow:   Note to self: (because my brain doesn’t remember like it used to)

Write your page in Sea Monkey or Text Wrangler, which tests in Sea Monkey or other browsers. Upload by connecting to the server through Text Wrangler under the file menu.

Add the file to the public menu. Go back to Sea Monkey and see if it’s working. If not, edit the page by clicking on control E. and then copy the source code to Text Wrangler to upoad.

Remember that you can’t save a picture on Sea Monkey and expect it to upload. You need to change the code and tell it where it is (it should be on the server).

REFLECTION:  I need Janene’s help with making a better landing page. Duh—you don’t want the INDEX showing……it’s like showing off your fancy underwear! J I also don’t understand folders on the Server. That’s how I got so screwed up and deleted something that I shouldn’t have. What’s necessary and what’s not.

And that’s my day. Did I do all of the assignment? Not sure.

Here’s the link:  canyonartsschool.com.  You have to start on MY PAGE in order to see that the links work.









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