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Homemade Websites: Building from SCRATCH

This week for my HTML class, I built a website from scratch—-I’m not sure if it’s equivalent to homemade cookies, but at least I could understand all of the ingredients when I clicked on VIEW SOURCE.  Homemade CookiesSometimes you can click on a website that was made in a website factory and you have no clue where those “ingredients” came from or what they will do when you go to “taste” the final product.  So this week I know what I built and MAYBE I could even do it again if I had to!  🙂

While reading my monthly newsletter from my friend Peg Tileston, of “WHAT’S UP” fame,

Citizen's Climate Lobby

I noticed that Fairbanks was starting a “Citizen’s Climate Lobby” group.  I quickly did a search to see if Anchorage had one.  Sure enough, we do.  In fact, I remembered that a year ago my husband and I made a conscious decision not to attend since they met on Saturdays. But it was hard to find any thing about their group on the interwebs.  I contacted George Donart, who I think I met at the Farmer’s Market this summer.  He indeed had some information, but admitted that they have no web site, but have plans to put up a facebook page.  I decided that might be a great service for them.

I still haven’t heard back from George or the folks in Fairbanks who just had their first meeting, but I decided to go forward with the web site and do this week’s assignment.

You can see what I did this week at:  http://canyonartsschool.com

P.S.  It’s so frustrating that WordPress magically text wraps for me.  It doesn’t tell me the code when I click on TEXT either.  Secrets!  Bah Humbug.


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