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Meeting with a Client

It was raining apples in the solarium as I pulled out a chair at the dining room table for my client. She happily took the chair and laughed while I went out to fish the apples out of the pond. It’s time to pick the apples, by the way—another task. I offered her a wet apple and we began.Apple in the pond

She began by telling me how many web sites she had. It was rediculous. A Google Site, a WordPress Site, a Go Daddy site, a blogger site and several different facebook pages. She had such a hard time remembering which password went where and how to access different back doors, it was crazy.

What she really wanted was to have one big happy web site. But that had to all of the different aspects of her job. She needed a place to show customers what they would get if they had her come and do a Permaculture Consultancy Job for them, or a whole design. She needed a place to tell the stories that go with living in a living house, she needed a place where people could sign up for workshops, and a place where she could teach her on-line courses so that each class of students could only access their own course, while having an overlapping page for all of her students (former and present) to talk about permaculture. She might also need a place to talk about Natural Building—the greenhouse and the rocket stove. One more page she might need is one for virtual tours.

alaskanecoescapepermaculturecenter.wordpress.com, which is also alaskanbioshelter.com




and parts of:  http://alaskapermaculture.com/


She needs more business and doesn’t feel like people are finding her.

To me it sounded very complicated. Website design is hard to make look simple when everything is interwoven. That is her biggest concern. It needs to look professional and not haphazard anymore. This will all coincide with her new business name come January 1!

If I really take this on, I’m going to need a lot of help! YIKES! Note: this “client” already tried to enlist the help of a professional and the professional didn’t want to do it. Egads!

NOTE:  I’m my own client.  Hopefully that’s allowed!



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