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2015’s Walk Through Thursdays

Always wanted to come out to the Bioshelter and see what’s going on? Most Thursday evenings in August and early September gives you the opportunity!


Here are 10 reasons you ought to come!

You’ll get to…….

  1. tour the only Bioshelter in the state:  a house that recycles its water and waste
  2. see/understand how the recycled grey water system works
  3. meet the koi in our indoor koi pond
  4. check out our indoor composting system (toilets) and our outdoor one
  5. examine our rainwater catchment system
  6. walk through and nibble on the roof top garden
  7. experience the country’s northern most clay/straw greenhouse
  8. learn all about the rocket stove and mass heater bench in the greenhouse
  9. eat some yummy snacks
  10. understand ways in which you can move into more of a permaculture (permanent + culture) lifestyle.

Tour Dates:

Thursday, August 6
Thursday, August 20
Thursday, August 27
Thursday, September 3
Thursday, September 10

Kids under 12 come free!


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