“Permaculture is a  revolution………

 disguised as organic gardening.”

—Graham Burnett ‘Permaculture – A Beginners Guide’

Cindee was born in Iowa into a family of generational farmers and preachers!  Her family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska when Cindee was in 6th grade. (Sept. 1970) Recovering farmers children, her parents did absolutely no gardening and were proud to buy their food, milk, and eggs from the local supermarket.  When Cindee was in High School her aptitude test showed that she should become a farmer.  She laughed at that and headed to college to become a teacher.  Later in life she joked with her students about that test and how she really did become a farmer: a farmer of students.  

Upon retirement Cindee turned to Permaculture, a growing international movement, to begin living like this is the only planet we have.  She and her husband bought the Bioshelter in the Eagle River Valley as an opportunity to share with others a different, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  

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