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To schedule a tour:

Contact us:  phone:  (907) 622-3969
email:  alaskanbioshelter@gmail.com
The LAST Walk Through Wednesday this fall!  Sept. 3rd,  7-9pm  (2014)
Come out and tour the bioshelter, the
straw/clay greenhouse, the gardens.  Learn
about permaculture.  Come away inspired!
 Get your tickets HERE!



If you find yourself coming to the neighborhood and would like a tour, just call and schedule.  We can take groups up to 10 at a time.


For Schools:

The Bioshelter Worms come to you


Local Schools only: Eagle River and Anchorage

For a $60 fee, I will come to your classroom and bring worms.  I will run an “in class” field trip, so that kids learn about worm farms, composting,  landfills and build their own to take home with them–complete with at least 2 worms.

Please collect clear plastic water/soda bottles for this event so each student can have one.

NOTE:  This is appropriate for all ages K-adult, but it is in the 2nd grade curriculum as composting and the 6th grade curriculum for landfills.

Call Marva at Community Resources to schedule this event.  742-414



Because buses can’t make it up my mountain, I offer virtual educational tours  to Alaska’s only Bioshelter.  I offer three tours that all last about 45 min. plus time for questions at the end.

Tour 1:  The whole bioshelter idea:  the house is a living organism which needs bacteria, worms, fish and plants to help the house run and let people live here.

Tour 2:  Intro to the Bioshelter, but a focus on how we recycle all of our water in our house.  Yes, we even re-drink our shower water.

our 3:  Intro to the Bioshelter, but a focus on the toilets and the worms who eat our poop.  Yes, we use humanure on our plants here.

I have successfully done countless school field trips via SKYPE in the Lower 48.  Students are in awe at a lot of different things, but the toilet with worms in it always peaks their interest the most.

Please schedule a SKYPE tour through The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration    Look for Alaskan Eco Escape as the service provider.


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