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Solarium Leaf

Alaskan Bioshelter

Living with Nature; Living in Balance



A state treasure!


Received a national award in 1987!






About us

The Alaskan Bioshelter, a national award winning home (1987), is a state treasure.

two story, 42 foot indoor wetlands, pond and fountain bring the joy of
lush greenery even to the darkest, coldest parts of winter. Even
though half of the house is buried into the side of a mountain to
conserve energy, it continues to be a living, breathing, growing system of
koi, worms, bacteria, a multitude of plants,and humans, who are all
dependent on each other to create a unique,healthy living space.Without a
well or a septic system, the house lives in balance with nature. The
grey water is completely recycled back through the system and the worm
composter takes all of our waste including cardboard, junk mail, food
scraps, fish skeletons as well as our toilet waste, so that the finished
compost can be reused on our gardens in the spring.


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©AlaskanBioshelter & Permaculture Center







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