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UAF Introduction to Permaculture Course


Sustainability is such a buzzword these days, but how do you really do it?   This course is an overview of permaculture, which will allow the participants to grasp the idea of how a permanent culture might be able to work in Alaska.  It is the first half of an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate course.  Although we will be going into depth in many of these topics, by no means does this make the participant an expert.  It will give the participant a chance to decide how to proceed: which of these topics to learn more intently about and where he/she wants to put more energy.  Permaculture is, at its core, a decision-making tool that permeates each part of life, so that in our course we will ask questions like:  How do we want to be/live as a sustainable member of the ecosystem on this planet and specifically in Alaska? How did our Alaskan forefathers/mothers understand permanent culture?  (permaculture) How do we want to become?


Participants will observe and apply permaculture principles broadly to their home community using techniques designed with nature’s patterns in mind, so that we can begin to re-learn how to live sustainably in a permanent culture.    (The second semester: Permaculture Design will focus more on specific land use designs and will lead to a Permaculture Certificate when both semesters are successfully completed.)




Through lectures, videos, readings and hands-on work, students will explore sustainable practices in their community using biomimicry to evaluate systems of water collection and reuse, soil building, planting, harvesting, seed-saving, natural fertilizing, appropriate technology, natural building, and healthy community design.


TITLE: Introduction to Permaculture


PREREQUISITES:  a desire to live sustainably in your community

LOCATION:  in cyberspace

MEETING TIME:  a-synchronous

 INSTRUCTOR:  Cynthia Karns and guests


OFFICE HOURS:  any time

TELEPHONE:  (907)  622-3969

EMAIL ADDRESS:  alaskanecoescape@yahoo.com



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